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Britfest – A Brief History

The British Australian Community has successfully hosted many events that have showcased the contribution of British Isles culture to modern Australia. Many of these, such as our annual series Britfests in Frankston, the bayside suburb of Melbourne with the highest … Continue reading

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New Britannia

The rise and decline of Anglo-Australia This is a free preview of New Britannia, a book by Alan James © Alan James, 2013 Robert Hughes was a leading international art critic, born in Australia in 1938. As a critic he … Continue reading

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Gallipoli – the facts behind the Myths

By Dr Geoffrey Partington The Aim The losses on the Western Front in the early months of war in 1914 and 1915 were far higher than each warring nation had anticipated. After early German advances in Flanders, a virtually stationary … Continue reading

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Information for prospective British migrants to Australia

The British Australian Community is not a registered immigration agent, and we therefore can offer only the most general advice to intending migrants. A great deal of information, however, is available from other websites. On this page we list, under … Continue reading

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Literary Award

BRITISH AUSTRALIAN COMMUNITY LITERARY PRIZE This Award is for an 800 word essay on the theme of the positive influence of British Heritage and Culture in Australia. The prize is $1,000. The closing date is the 1st of April 2020 … Continue reading

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