Information for prospective British migrants to Australia

The British Australian Community is not a registered immigration agent, and we therefore can offer only the most general advice to intending migrants. A great deal of information, however, is available from other websites. On this page we list, under appropriate subheadings, other sites that should be useful to prospective migrants of British stock.

The BAC is not responsible for the contents of any of these sites, and we recommend that readers exercise due discretion in dealing with these or any other sources of information. However, we think that the information available from the sites below should be more than enough for you to decide for yourself whether you need an immigration agent or not.


The rules regarding immigration change frequently. For the current situation check out the extremely comprehensive and official site of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship

For almost all the other official information that you could ever want about Australia, click here.

For a quick overview of Australia, plus all sorts of fascinating details, check out the Lonely Planet guide.

Australian States and Territories

All Australian state and territory governments have their own websites, which often contain a wealth of detail about the region. Pick the area that interests you, and make full use of the huge amount of information available.

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

For regional cities or towns, do a word search using a suitable search engine.

Real Estate, Banking and Investment

Housing affordability in Australia is among the worst in the world. You can learn a good deal from the website of the Housing Industry Australia Ltd, which is the peak building industry body.

More information is available from the Commonwealth Bank, which is the largest lender of home mortgages in Australia.

For photos of houses that are currently for sale in your target suburb or town, as well as estimates of prices, click here.

As far as general banking and investment are concerned, the Commonwealth Bank has a handy site here.

The Australian Tax Office has a very helpful site concerning taxation matters.

UK Expats

The peak body in Australia for UK expatriates is the British Australian Community. For more information, click here.

Australian Universities

Many Australian universities are world-class. Access their sites from here.

Primary and Secondary Schools

Australia has government-run schools that are almost free, and non-government schools that were originally denominational (and sometimes still are). The latter vary from being quite cheap to very expensive. Some government-run schools achieve very good academic outcomes, but on average the more expensive of the non-government schools tend to outperform on academic measurements. Many schools have their own websites. Do a word search using a suitable search engine.


Your entry point for information about sport in Australia is here.

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